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Pond Liner                           Assorted sizes in pond liners


The PVC Pond liners we sell are available in 2 different materials with 20 year and Lifetime guarantees. They are both UV stabilized, puncture resistant, environmentally friendly and are flexible and easy to contour. 

The Rubber Butyl liner has a Lifetime guarantee and it is well known as the best material for lining ponds, due to its thickness, flexibility and its long (lifetime) guarantee.

To work out what size liner you will need simply take the largest measurements of  the hole you have dug for your pond and to each dimension add double the deepest depth. So if your pond measures at the longest lengths 10 ft x 8 ft and the deepest part of your pond is 2 ft then you simply add 4 ft to each measurement, making the size of liner required to be 14 ft x 12 ft. 

Pond making tips 


The PVC liners we stock.

 Flexipond # 20    (20year guarantee)   20p a square foot.
 Flexipond # Life   (Lifetime guarantee)  30p a square foot.

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Sold off the roll in the following widths.


Width of Flexipond  liners available 

Flexipond 20 12 ft

16 ft

20 ft

Flexipond Life

12 ft 16 ft 20 ft 26ft


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 Rubber Butyl liner. 

Rubber Butyl  (lifetime guarantee)  42p a square foot.

We carry Butyl Liner in stock, sold off the roll in any width up to 50ft.

We can get any size to order, delivered straight to you house in 5 - 7 days. Please call us for more details and prices.

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Please phone, fax or email us for a quote on a liner for your pond. If you are not sure what size liner you need then just let us know the largest dimensions of your pond and we will do the rest for you.

Pond Liner Installation

Mark out your pond. 

Work out the general shape and depth that you would like your pond to be and purchase the appropriate size liner.


Dig out the shape you like.

When digging out your pond remember to make some shelves for the marginal plants to rest on and  they should be about 6" deep and 6" wide. Also make sure that its level either way by using a plank across  and checking with a spirit level. Search round the freshly dug pond and remove any sharp objects like stones. Then put a 2-3" layer of sand down to cushion the liner. Save all those old newspapers or use carpet underlay and line the shelves with them also for cushioning. 


Strech out your liner and begin to fill.

Place the liner over the whole area of the pond and push it down into the edges and shape you have dug, then rest bricks around the overlay of the liner on the soil / grass to hold it. Then start to fill up your new pond with a hose pipe and do not cut off any overhang until the pond is fully filled up as although you pushed the liner into the edges of the pond beforehand the water will always find the places you missed and this will use up liner and if you have cut it down before its full of water you might find that the liner is now to short. When you finally come to cut down the overhang be sure to leave a good amount (8 ")  which can be hidden by edging stones. Do not use flag stones unless you treat them to remove the lime (with a product we sell called 'poolglaze') otherwise you will have problems with your pH rising to a high level endangering the fishes lives. York stone, slate or natural rocks are best as they will not affect the pH.


 What a great job you have done !

Wasn't that easy, now its time to stock up with oxygenating plants, Marginal plants and fish. Its now time to relax and enjoy all your hard work.

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